Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one....With the Geocache of course!! DUH.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Karl Mighton Trail - North Mill Street - GC34X6Q

Another nice walk in the woods.  I used to date a girl who lived in the area and never knew this place was here and if it wasn't for geocaching I still wouldn't. 
Took a nice leisurely walk on some well made trails in the woods.  It was nice to see that there were some benches out here to relax on.  This was a quick find when I got to GZ.  and an enjoyable walk back out.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

3/24/2012 - Multi cache post

I was out in the Bath / Cameron / Hammonsport area for my wife's aunt's wedding.  After the wedding and visiting with her family she indulged me and allowed me to grab a couple caches in the area to ease my suffering.
This is a cool place, unfortunately they were closed but I did enjoy the airplane out front.  It was a quick find.

Nice drive around the lake, stopped here for a quick find.  The coordinates were a bit off but I found it in the most logical and obvious spot.

Quick find in the obvious, traditional roadside spot.  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2/25/2012 - Multi cache post

This one had been published the same day and Mooney625 and I had just been in the area for a shooting event.
But as we were sitting around at Mooney's place playing with his son TadpoleTheWolfman while RubberDucky339 was out at the salon.  We decided it hadn't been logged yet and TadpoleTheWolfman wanted to go for a ride in daddy's truck, so off we went.
When we got down there we became very concerned by the location, it is located between a public library and a school with NO cover.  Talk about feeling very conspicuous.  Not really comfortable with this one, luckily it was afternoon on a Saturday.  Strongly NOT recommended during the week.
It was a quick find but the retrieval was a bit difficult.

While out getting Cat Trouble #3 "Brady" we decided to get a couple more.  This was a quick easy find today.

Another quick find with Mooney625 and TadpoleTheWolfman.  We were a little concerned by the two men digging a hole in the middle of the woods but we avoided being seen.  
Nicely hidden, but found in a quick time.  TadpoleTheWolfman enjoyed the find.

After finishing at Log Jammin we were about to get back in the truck when I spotted a familiar Land Rover and bearded Man.
It was none other that the great BlackstoneVal and Marvalus.
After chatting with them for a bit they invited us to go with them on this find.  After a short walk in, Mooney625 and TadpoleTheWolfman made the grab.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/16/2012 - Multi cache post

Another trip down to the Agawam Pine Barrens with XBox.  
This was another cache extremely well hidden by the EvilMonkey454.
My GPS had me back and forth on each corner of the 4-way intersection.  I spent a long time searching all the wrong spots.  I decided to sit on one of the concrete barriers and regroup when I noticed something out of place and there it was.  Excellent job.

New Charge Pond Cache
Another drive out in the Pine Barrens, I had not been this far down before but decided to take XBox down the sandy strip for some more exploring.
Very quick find, cache was out in the open and I spotted it from 50 feet away.  Hid it better than I found it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Holliston Center - GC3971H

Holliston Center
This one took me two tries.  The first time I came out I spent 30+ minutes searching everywhere within 200 feet of the coordinates and didn't find stage 1.  
I took a second trip out the next day and found it almost immediately.  I feel like such an idiot for not finding it the first time.  On to stage two which was a very quick, easy find.

This is a really cool old roadway that I wish was still open as a dirt road.  If it wasn't for the downed tree at the start I could have driven XBox right up in here.  Looking forward to the next trip out here, which a little someBunny says there will be more caches here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2/01/2012 - Multi cache post

Sen Ki Gas Saver
After some morning work in Westwood I decided to spend the rest of the day caching.  I started here.
This was a quick find near a cool little structure.  My back was acting up so no hiking today, I will be back for the others in these woods.

Where the brookies are (Charles River, Medfield)
Quick park and grab today while driving by.  Nice little secluded spot.  Hopefully this summer I will get the canoe out and travel the Charles River.

This was another quick find down the end of a road.  This obviously used to connect to the other nearby streets but apparently there was too much traffic cutting through so they dumped a mound of dirt in the road to block people from coming through.
As another party whose employment takes me from house to house, I love finding these secluded spots to take a break between calls.

Another road that used to go through.  This was a quick find after a enjoyable drive down the road.  After finding the cache I took a walk down the old abandoned road bed and I see why the road does not exist any longer, the bridge is washed out.  

I have wanted to explore this parcel of land for quite a long time and enjoyed checking out the trails.  It is quite impressive what mother nature can do.  Looking forward to coming back here some more.  Nice playground near the parking area, my nephew Ian and niece Haley would love it.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

12/18/2011 - Multi cache post

I have decided that rather than do separate posts for every single cache I will be doing a single post with multiple caches in one day.  I will only do individual posts for the special / memorable caches.

I did these caches in the morning after meeting up with Koneko and the EvilMonkey454 before going four wheeling in Freetown State Forest.  They were all quick finds in some nice little spaces.  

After exploring the main part of the forest Koneko brought me over here for one more number, she was trying to make her mile stone of 9700 at the next cache: Monkey Puzzle Tree

We circled the area for a while not finding anything, finally from another vantage point we noticed something out of place and made the find.  I really enjoyed exploring out here today and will have to come back soon.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Start of a bike path - GC386T5

After attending the Milford caching dinner event I stopped by here on the way back home.

I am very impressed by the really nice paved bike path that Milford has made along the old railroad bed.  This will be great this summer for residents and kids to walk or ride in safety.  Another great feature of the Milford bike Paths are that they do not follow the roads.  So while you are on a nice level, paved path you are also out in the woods at the same time.

The cache is in plain sight but has a good camouflage method but I have seen these before and was found very quickly.  Hopefully it will be muggle free for a while.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

class of 1996 - GC2YKFP

class of 1996 - GC2YKFP

Out exploring the Agawam Pine Barrens today.  This was a quick find in a cool area.

Fish Ladder:

R.F.M. - GC32GCA


Came down here for some off roading with my new 4wd vehicle XBox.

This is a really cool place for some moderate trails over dirt and sand.  Several miles here.

This cache took me a while, I was circling round and round for a while.  Eventually I was starting to get aggravated and started checking everywhere.  Found it.  A extremely good camo job on this one.

I think it should be named F.U.M.  As in F-U Monkey!

Agawam River Pine Barrens #1 & #2

Agawam Pine Barrens #1 
Agawam Pine Barrens #2

So I picked up a new 4wd vehicle, Xbox and was tipped off to this place by Geocacher Koneko her Dippy.

This is a really cool area for people who like moderate off roading.  Miles and miles of dirt and sand roads through the forest.

Whitlock's Landing - GC2Q4V1 - 11/23/11

After a tip from Koneko I was headed down to the Agawam Pine Barrens for a little four-wheeling with XBox.

Quick find in a nice little park.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where the brookies are (Charles River, Millis) - GC37VQX - 11/22/2011

Drive by here a lot on the way down to Bass Pro Shops, Patriot Place and my brother Mooney625's home.

The new bridge here is nice and took them a while to build it.  The cache was a quick find in a typical manner of hide for a nano.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Open Borders - GC374BT - 11/05/2011

Saw this when it was published but just couldn't go for it.
This boat ramp access to Lake Winthrop (Formally know by the Native Americans who lived here as the pond Wennakeening) has long been forgotten and abandoned for the access across the lake at Pleasure Point.

This was a nice hide, coordinates were right on so it was an easy find despite the hide.  A previous cacher broke it so I taped it up so that it will hopefully survive.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Beautiful Memories - GCKEJ3 - 10/14/11

On my way to the annual weekend EMS conference hosted by Littleton Regional Hospital held at the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel.
I had looked for this last year on the way to the same conference but it was pouring then so I didn't stay long.
It was raining today as well but I was determined and found it anyway.  There has been a lot of erosion from the nasty weather recently and if there is much more this cache will be gone.
This cache is by far the most expensive one I have ever done as I lost my wedding ring her, so if anyone finds it (Which is highly unlikely) let me know.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

HD Handyman's Hope Chest - GC1E4YE - 9/27/11

My father had a doctor appointment at MGH West across the street so I went for a walk while he was there.
I had to wait a while for a cell phone using muggle on BOTH routes of access so I went had had a hot dog for lunch from the vendor at the corner of the lot.
Once they were gone I made a dive for it.  It is a little tough to spot at first, it has a good camouflage method.  Once you know what to look for it is spotted quite easily.

Cooling My Heels II - GC24JEM - 09/27/11

My father had a doctor appointment at MGH West across the street so I went for a walk while he was there.
This cache was a quick find today, there is so much traffic out here but the tree is really cool, I am glad they saved it while building the plazas.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Heart of MetroWest - GC2VJNF - 8/28/11

The hurricane was coming so I just had to be "That guy" who goes caching in the middle of a hurricane.
I was on my way to work nearby at Philips Lifeline so I drove up here to find it real quick.
Got very wet but I don't care, I just had to do it.
Kinda strange area and since the Registry of Motor Vehicles across the street is now closed this place has been abandoned and apparently has become a party spot.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

dirt bikers path - GC2JF2M - 8/27/11

After grabbing the Heros Hide-Away cache Mooney625 and I wandered along down the Power line trails to this cache.
The trailed turned off into the woods and past an obvious party spot that could use some CITO.

But apparently Mooney625 still approves of the trail.

We found the cache VERY quickly right on the trail.  Contents completely waterlogged and as of tomorrow when hurricane Irene finishes pounding us this cache will be complete trash, I might as well post the needs archive now.  The container is not waterproof in any way, This container was never intended to be water tight.  Might as well just left the logbook hanging from a tree loose.

After signing the log I followed Mooney625 out along the trail but for a moment I thought I was lost as Mooney625 just disappeared.

Heroes Hide-away - GC290W0 - 8/27/11

After shooting the monthly USPSA style match at Independent Sportsmans Association if Foxboro, Mooney625 and I came over here to get a couple caches.

We parked in the dirt parking lot below the really impressive playground that they have here.  It has several swings:
 And several climbing structures and slides.
Also a large sandbox that Mooney625 decided he would "Guard" over:
But only after he fended off the evil and angry dinosaur that was lurking around:
ANYWAY, we were off down the VERY wet trail.  Hurricane Irene was rapidly approaching and the rain was absolutely pouring down today.
It was a nice walk but SOOOO humid.  The wooded trail opened up under the powerlines and we followed the paths created by dirt bikes and ATVs.
Found the cache quickly out in the open.  After signing the log we tried to hide it better but Mooney625 was busy ranting about how he hated when people hide caches within stone walls and proceeded to point out all the other possible hide locations in the area.
Oh well, off to one more today.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Knoll - GC31EQT - 8/12/11

The wife and I spent the week camping in the Waterville Valley National Forest Campground while other members of the family spent it in a condo nearby.

I wish I had more time to go caching but since I am the only family member there who Geocaches I was not able to.  This is a really nice gazebo on the hillside, it would be much better if they cut down some of the trees in front that are obstructing the view.

The cache was right out in the open and I spotted it from 20+ feet away, I re-hid it on the opposite side so that it would not be seen.

Literally Great - GCW3DZ - 8/12/11

I was wasting some time while the wife was getting her nails done.

I spent many years growing up in the Plymouth area and come back for a vacation here at least once a year.

This is a very nice park and I am glad to see the new expanded parking area.  This park has open grassy space, a playground for kids, a pavilion and picnic tables and wooded trails.

This was a quick find in a nice area.  The cache was out in the open so I hid it better.

Honor the Fallen - GC2JPV6 - 8/12/11

The wife was in town getting her nails done and I needed something to do, so I decided to get some caches.

I spent a lot of time growing up in the Plymouth area and I remember the old rickety bridge here and I remember them building this one.  

I parked on the south side of the bridge and was getting ready to attempt to cross the bridge traffic when I noticed they included a walking path underneath so I went down.  On the other side I quickly realized that there was something wrong.  After reading the hint I quickly found the cache 47 feet southwest of the posted coordinates.

The bridge is actually quite nice, and the path is a good addition.  Hopefully they will finish the path and extend it down to the boat launch and amphitheater beside the courthouse.

On the street level south side there is a nice monument dedicated to Douglas A DiCenzo, an Army Ranger from Plymouth who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq.  
Unfortunately the youth in the area have no respect for the memorial or the property in general:

Riverside Poetry Cache - GC1C7KA - 8/12/11

The wife was in town getting her nails done and I needed something to do.  I accessed this cache from the nice boat ramp / amphitheater area and drove down the little access road as far as I could.  From there I followed a nice walking path along the river until I got close to GZ, which of course was the opposite side of the muddy flood drain.  Oh well, I crossed the mud without sinking too much and then found the hint "Up on a hill" to be an understatement.   The cache was at the top of a very steep and high hill, certainly not the 2 star rating that the cache page indicates.

After signing the log I headed back out and took a drive by the Plymouth Senior center.  This place is an old railroad station and has major sentimental value on four levels.  The first being that my father worked here during high school when it was the Perry Lamp factory.  The second is that my Grandfather (Henry Crane) was monumental in the creation of the Senior Center here.  Third is that my Grandfather's memorial service was held here after his passing.  And finally, because of all this it is the location where my wedding reception was held in July 2007.  By the way there is a Benchmark in the front wall.

Albert Camus: La Chute - GC190BT - 8/12/11

We were up on vacation in Waterville Valley and the wife insisted on getting her nails done.  We figured like everything else Walmart would be cheap, boy were we wrong.  Instead we found a very nice little shop in downtown Plymouth that did much better work for half the price.

After finding the lame Lamp Post cache here, I took a wander over to find this one.

Reasonably quick find, the tire shop guys were too busy to notice me.
As the title and cache description indicates it is near a massive drop off.  When Walmart was built here it was built into the side of a hill, therefore they needed to build a massive retaining wall (I estimate 75 feet high at this point) for the store and parking lot.  This cache is in the highest point along the wall, luckily there is a large fence and several guardrails securing this area.

View from an area approximately 200 feet east of cache site:

Walley - GC2BP4V - 8/12/11

We were up on vacation in Waterville Valley and the wife insisted on getting her nails done.  We figured like everything else Walmart would be cheap, boy were we wrong.  Instead we found a very nice little shop in downtown Plymouth that did much better work for half the price.

Anyway, while she was inside finding out that it was a bad idea, I figured I would get the two caches here.  This was the first one and it was a very quick typical parking lot lamp post hide.  Absolutely nothing of interest here.

I signed the log and replaced it unnoticed then headed around back for the other better one.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Winnipesaukee River Boat Access - GC2TWMM - 8/9/11

Last cache of the evening before dropping off Mooney625 at his hotel room.

Very quick park and grab at this site, nice little boat launch here.

Cache Flow - GC14P2F - 8/9/11

Out caching after dinner with my brother Mooney625, on the way back to his hotel we stopped and did a few caches along the way.

This one has been bugging Mooney625 since he drives near here every week on his trucking route but cannot stop, we rectified that tonight.

Stage 1 was a GREAT hide, I have seen this type of hide before and on approach I noticed something not quite right.  This cacher was also very smart in that instead of just leaving one slip of paper with coordinates on it, he/she left several copies of nicely typed coordinates in the container so you can take one with you.  We did not feel the need to take one so we entered the coordinates right there and headed off to find the final.

As we reached GZ, some of Laconia's most dazzling urbanites had taken over the point, and one of the super-sized mamas apparently had her top off, as she was loudly boasting to her friends (in front of her kids) about how g-d fast she got her m-fin' clothes back on. We were treated to more profanity laced sentences about how the car was too small for them since there were a couple child seats in the car. Right in front of the kids. Way to go, moms. The 8 through 12 year olds have NO idea of those words, do they?

The coordinates for this were right on the spot but we didn't believe it so we spent a lot of time searching all over the place until we zeroed in on the correct spot.

Gilford Well - GC2H4M6 - 8/9/11

Out caching after dinner with my brother Mooney625, on the way back to his hotel we stopped and did a few caches along the way.

This was your usual lame lamp post cache in the middle of the lame parking lot.  Absolutely no redeeming value to this parking lot.  I really wish that if you are going to do a lamp post cache at least make it some sort of interesting place.

Wallyford - GC2CK85 - 8/9/11

Out caching after dinner with my brother Mooney625, on the way back to his hotel we stopped and did a few caches along the way.

This was your usual lame lamp post cache in the middle of the lame parking lot.  Absolutely no redeeming value to this parking lot.  I really wish that if you are going to do a lamp post cache at least make it some sort of interesting place.  And how about not putting it in the dead center, try the outer edge where maybe there is some view or at least make it easier to be discreet.

Cookie Crumbs - GC1K26W - 8/9/11

Out caching after dinner with my brother Mooney625, on the way back to his hotel we stopped and did a few caches along the way.

This is a very creative hide, I myself have assembled a few like it.  It is no wonder why there are so many people who cannot find it.

Discreetly snuck up and made the grab, signed the log and returned to position.

Get one while it lasts, pay phones are disappearing rapidly.

Escape from Hanger B - GC2EAMA - 8/9/11

After going out to Dinner with my brother Mooney625, we grabbed a few caches on the way back to his Hotel. This was a quick easy find.  No activity at the airport though so no muggle issues to worry about.

Mooney624's Double Decker - GC2JZHY - 8/9/11

I came down to pick up Mooney625 for dinner from his hotel he stays at every Tuesday night.  He is a CDL-A truck driver for a regional restaurant provisions company.

While waiting for him to complete the 3 C's (S**T, Shower, Shave) I decided to take a walk down the very nice walking path to his cache.  This is an extremely nice walking path along the railroad tracks and river, just too bad for the noise above.

This was not the normal Mooney625 hide but it was quick and easy, thanks Bro.

Now off to get dinner over at Weirs Beach and some caches with him on the way back to the hotel

Monday, August 8, 2011

Off the Bluff - GCWK0E - 8/8/11

Decided to go for a hike up Artists Bluff today, I hadn't been here since I was a little kid and I forgot just how steep this climb is.  Apparently I was in much better shape back then as this hike really worked out my leg muscles.

The view from the top is totally worth the climb though
The find was very quick and cache is in good shape.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dam Strait! - GC2D8F4 - 8/6/11

Came over here with Mooney625, Rubber Ducky339 and TadpoleTheWolfman after having dinner at the restaurant nearby that is named after a Noisy Aviary. (by the way the food is really good but the service is absolutely HORRIBLE!!!).

This cache is up on top of the control gangway for the dam so I question the legality of the placement as you can see bits of former No Trespassing signs and it can be quite dangerous there.  But of course I had to go get it.

It was a quick climb up an old built-in Iron rung ladder up the side of the spillway wall and then out onto the gangway.  Signed the log and enjoyed the views from the top of the spillway.

Coming down was not so much fun as I have a small fear of heights, well actually the height is not what bothers me, it is the thought of plummeting down to the ground that bothers me most.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vanilla or Chocolate - GC1BGQM - 7/10/11

After doing some caching around Wompatuck State Park stopped here with  Mooney625, RubberDucky339 and TadpoleTheWolfman.

Had some nice Ice Cream and then a quick find.  Hint does not match.

We added a new log as the old one was completely full.

Burbank Boulder - GCA64D - 7/10/11

Camping in Wompatuck State Park with Mooney625, RubberDucky339 and TadpoleTheWolfman.

We were up here getting a required photo as part of the "Wompatuck Multi #3"   Nice little walk in from Doane Street enterance.  On the way in we passed MookieWilson and Fcorrao who were out completing the 5/5 20-mile multi cache all in one day.

When we got to the boulder we found the cache quickly and obtained the picture for the "Wompatuck Multi #3"
We than had a nice picnic lunch in the shadow of the boulder.

Chocolate Chip - GC19GAB - 7/9/11

Camping in Wompatuck State Park with Mooney625, RubberDucky339 and TadpoleTheWolfman.

We drove around and parked at the State Park entrance on Doane Street and were walking in towards "Burbank Boulder" cache and the picture required for "Wompatuck Multi #3"

Short little walk in from the paved road and a very quick find when we got there.  Cache was easily spotted from 50 feet away so I tried to hide it a little better.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Hilltop - GCVANT - 7/9/11

Camping in Wompatuck State Park with Mooney625, RubberDucky339 and TadpoleTheWolfman.

We were down in walking back up from South Field after finding a stage and required photo for the "Wompatuck Multi #3".  Mooney had been pushing TadpoleTheWolfman's Cache-Mobile. (Notice the bright green Seahorse in the pocket).
Mooney625 and I decided to walk back up to the campsite and the women went to get the truck.  We walked past the pond and back into the campground.  We came out right near this cache so we stopped in.

Luckily Mooney625 had already found it as the coordinates were way off and had us on the wrong side of the road.

When we got on top of the "Hill" it was a pretty quick find, it looks like someone has been trying to dig out the old door buried here.

South Loop - GC2A1R1 - 7/9/11

Camping in Wompatuck State Park with Mooney625, RubberDucky339 and TadpoleTheWolfman.

We were down here getting a stage and required photo as part of the "Wompatuck Multi #3

We somehow were distracted and walk right past the stage we were looking for and somehow we just kept going.  By the time we realized we were WAY past where we wanted to be we noticed it was only another 250 feet to this cache.  We had not planned on getting this one but figured we might as well.

It was a very quick find after I did some unnecessary bushwhacking (Monney625's favorite thing).

Then we headed back out towards South Field to find that stage we wandered past.  They have a lot of cool and well maintained trails here.  I especially liked the nice bridges they built across the swamp.
And the Stone walls running through the woods that indicate that these used to be all fields. Stone walls were generally not built in woods, they were built around the fields when the farmers would remove them during plowing.

Once we got back out to South Field there was a really big field and there is a stage at one end, of course Mooney625 being the goofball that he is had to get up and perform for me.
 After having a little lunch in the field we walked over and got the picture that is required for "Wompatuck Multi #3"

Holly Pond Wishing Well - GCYBJJ - 7/9/11

Camping in Wompatuck State Park with Mooney625, RubberDucky339 andTadpoleTheWolfman.
We were walking down to South Field to get a stage and required picture as part of the "Wompatuck Multi #3".

Quick little walk in from the road and quick find with a little help from Mooney625.  I did not see the well.  Cache in good shape.

Rock Garden - GC1DE6P - 7/9/11

Camping in Wompatuck State Park with Mooney625, RubberDucky339 andTadpoleTheWolfman.
We were walking down to South Field to get a stage and required picture as part of the "Wompatuck Multi #3".  

Quick little walk up from the road and wandering around the rocks.  Quick find among the rocks.  Cache was out in the open so I hid it a little better.

Li'l Covered Bridge - GC1YXQ5 - 7/9/11

Mooney625 and I went on a run to the grocery store because he had forgotten to bring the ingredients for breakfast.  On the way back we stopped and found this very quickly.

Nice little covered pedestrian bridge, typical hide.

Bunker N-9 - GC1DY93 - 7/9/11

Camping in Wompatuck State Park with Mooney625, RubberDucky339 and TadpoleTheWolfman.

So we were all going to have pancakes for breakfast this morning but the overly bright Mooney625 forgot the Pancake Mix, so he and I ran to the store to get some (the first of 2 runs as Mooney got all the way back from the store before realizing he forgot Eggs too and had to run back out.

On the way to the store Mooney625 pulled over and we went to grab this one real quick.  I am glad to see the scouts cleaned this out, I am also an Eagle Scout from Troop 73 Holliston, MA.

Nice big sign out from that luckily has not been destroyed like so many other information signs.

Korner Kache 9 - GCKRCQ - 7/9/11

After visiting "Follow the Ranger. He knows where to go!" came over here to get the information needed for "Save Triphammer Pond" from the Travel Bug "HazMa

I love these old engraved stone town markers.

Follow the Ranger. He knows where to go! - GC1Y3KJ 7/9/11

Camping in Wompatuck State Park for the weekend with Mooney625, RubberDucky339 and TadpoleTheWolfman.

Early morning cache run with Mooney625.  We needed to get to this one so we could pick up the info for the "Save Triphammer Pond" Unknown cache from the travel bug "NYOff".

Friday, July 8, 2011

Orienteering Redux - GC2YFE4 - 7/8/11

I was camping in Womputuck State Park for the weekend with Mooney625, RubberDucky339 and TadpoleTheWolfman.

After having"Interesting" dinner Mooney625 and I decided we HAD to go for at least one that evening.  We walked down from our campsite (D7) to the area and a quick walk around to find the final.

The final was in an easy to identify location and was found very quickly, mind you it was 21:30 EDT at the time and we did it all by flashlight.

We discovered the Lock & Load "Travel Slug" in the cache and then the real one next to the cache.

The next day in the sunlight we realized how close to some other locations we were, that would probably explain why the State Police Officer pulled into our parking area shortly after we left and then circled the campground.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another GF & M2 Mini-Multi - GC2737X - 7/3/11

Nice walk in these woods today with MuggleWife, Mooney625, Rubberducky339 and TadpoleTheWolfman.

Nice set of trails here so believe it or not Mooney625 did not do any of his signature Bushwhacking.

Unfortunately it was painfully obvious that nobody was obeying the "No motor vehicles" rule as the trails and open areas were torn up by dirt bikes.

All stages were nice easy finds, it certainly helps having more than 1 GPSr so that you can triangulate the location with signal bounce.