Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one....With the Geocache of course!! DUH.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Heroes Hide-away - GC290W0 - 8/27/11

After shooting the monthly USPSA style match at Independent Sportsmans Association if Foxboro, Mooney625 and I came over here to get a couple caches.

We parked in the dirt parking lot below the really impressive playground that they have here.  It has several swings:
 And several climbing structures and slides.
Also a large sandbox that Mooney625 decided he would "Guard" over:
But only after he fended off the evil and angry dinosaur that was lurking around:
ANYWAY, we were off down the VERY wet trail.  Hurricane Irene was rapidly approaching and the rain was absolutely pouring down today.
It was a nice walk but SOOOO humid.  The wooded trail opened up under the powerlines and we followed the paths created by dirt bikes and ATVs.
Found the cache quickly out in the open.  After signing the log we tried to hide it better but Mooney625 was busy ranting about how he hated when people hide caches within stone walls and proceeded to point out all the other possible hide locations in the area.
Oh well, off to one more today.

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