Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one....With the Geocache of course!! DUH.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cache Flow - GC14P2F - 8/9/11

Out caching after dinner with my brother Mooney625, on the way back to his hotel we stopped and did a few caches along the way.

This one has been bugging Mooney625 since he drives near here every week on his trucking route but cannot stop, we rectified that tonight.

Stage 1 was a GREAT hide, I have seen this type of hide before and on approach I noticed something not quite right.  This cacher was also very smart in that instead of just leaving one slip of paper with coordinates on it, he/she left several copies of nicely typed coordinates in the container so you can take one with you.  We did not feel the need to take one so we entered the coordinates right there and headed off to find the final.

As we reached GZ, some of Laconia's most dazzling urbanites had taken over the point, and one of the super-sized mamas apparently had her top off, as she was loudly boasting to her friends (in front of her kids) about how g-d fast she got her m-fin' clothes back on. We were treated to more profanity laced sentences about how the car was too small for them since there were a couple child seats in the car. Right in front of the kids. Way to go, moms. The 8 through 12 year olds have NO idea of those words, do they?

The coordinates for this were right on the spot but we didn't believe it so we spent a lot of time searching all over the place until we zeroed in on the correct spot.

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