Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one....With the Geocache of course!! DUH.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ashland Woods North 3/2/10

After finding Ashland Woods South I jumped into The Big Black Travelling Bug and headed out to the trailhead for this one.
Found the parking fairly easily and headed down the trail.  I was quickly greeted by "Buddy" a dog from a nearby residence.  He barked a good game, but if you looked at him he would take off running.
As with the other cache today the trails were pretty soggy due to the recent warm weather.
Again on this trail I found something that seemed odd out in the woods:
And even further down the trail, apparently this guy couldn't read the "No motor vehicles" sign:
Another quick find at stage 1, off to the right of the stage I spotted a fort some kids (I assume kids) built leaning up against a big rock.
Next coordinates entered and off to the next stage quite a distance away.
Walking through these woods made me wonder what this area used to look like, it is apparently a young forest, and from the evidence of all the stone walls must have been pasture land at one point as stone walls were not usually built through the middle of forests.
Arriving at stage 2 it was another nice easy find, plugged the coordinates into my trusty GPSr and off I went.
I was amazed at the number of large rock outcroppings in these woods, as well as how big these woods really are. 
Arrived at stage 3, this took just a little longer but found in good order. 
And off on another long hike, upon arrival near the final I wasn't sure which trail to take so I used my gut instinct and was right.  Nice find at the final, gathered the next clue for the bonus.
Took Nothing, signed log, and headed back out.

On the way back out came across some nice little bridges that were built over a brook:
Followed the loop back out to my Big Black Travelling Bug, upon returning to the trailhead I noticed that the map board/sign was built as an Eagle Scout project by a member of Troop 12. Which was kind of nice to see as my Cache to Eagle Scouting cache series was just published that morning.

Now for a little lunch then to Ashland Woods West.

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